Aging Skin

What You Can Do about the Effects of Aging Skin

Young, healthy skin is elastic, supple and practically glows.  On the other hand, aging skin that has been

ravaged by the affects of time, the elements and chemicals is dry, fragile and more easily bruised.  Although some of these conditions that can age our skin are inevitable, some of the effects of aging skin can be prevented, lessened and in some cases even reversed.  Retaining the elasticity of our skin can be achieved by a number combination of life style changes and the application of the right age-defying products.


How Skin Changes as we Age

As of yet, there is no way to completely reverse the affects of time on our bodies as we age (although this is not for lack of effort on our part).  Our skin shows our age more than anything else when it comes to bodily changes.  Of those changes to our skin the most prominent that occur are:

  • Our skin roughens
  • Lesions often turn into benign tumors
  • Skin becomes slack (loses elasticity)
  • Skin becomes more fragile
  • Our skin becomes easier to bruise


How to Protect and Vitalize Aging Skin

Although we are powerless to completely stop Mother Nature from changing our bodies, we can take actions that slow down the effect of “extrinsic aging” on our skin.  Extrinsic aging is the effect that environment and lifestyle choices make to our bodies.  Steps we can take to reduce the effects of aging include:

  • Age-defying Products: Apothederm’s firming serums, eye creams, Moisturizing Creams and serums are all designed to retard the visible signs of aging while nourishing the skin and restoring some of its vigor.  Our moisturizing cream, for example, protects the skin from damage done to it by free radicals while also making it softer.
  • Protection from the sun: On days that are particularly sunny, use sun screen with SPF 30 protection to protect against damaging UV radiation.
  • A balanced diet: Vitamin A and E in particular are anti-oxidants that can help protect and maintain healthy skin.
  • Clean skin: Clean your skin gently every day and apply moisturizer to remove, dirt, oil, pollution and makeup all of which can damage your skin and contribute to its premature aging.

Ultimately, it is never too early to begin a skin care regimen designed to protect your skin against the ravages of time and the environment.  In fact, until we find Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth, a regular skin care routine is the best weapon we have to use in the battle against aging skin.

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