How Lack of Sleep is Aging Your Face

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We’ve all heard the adage; “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” attributed to Founding Father and statesman Benjamin Franklin. Well, although very few people associate Mr. Franklin with beauty advice; this pithy statement could not be truer when it comes to proper skin care. And although our anti-aging eye cream and Argan oil … Read More >

July-21-2017 by Kelly

How Your Skin Ages: A Timeline

The image of a very old person holding an infant demonstrates perfectly how the passage of time impacts us all. This image shows how, as someone once said, “The arrow of time points in one direction.” One way that trajectory is shown is in how the skin of a very old person differs from that of an infant. Our skin … Read More >

May-18-2017 by Kelly

Understanding Antioxidants and Free Radicals and How they Affect Your Skin


Even a cursory glance of health related issues on the Internet will eventually expose most people to countless articles that mention anti-oxidants and their interaction with free radicals. The take away that many have is simple – antioxidants are good; free radicals are bad. But how much do you really know about these two substances and how they affect your … Read More >

October-18-2016 by Kelly

Peptides and the Battle against Aging Skin


From Cleopatra’s use of sour milk baths to exfoliate her skin to the use of sheep placenta by the Ancient Chinese as an old age treatment, mankind has long waged a war against the ravages of time on the human body. But while these ancient societies and icons had an abundance of creative ways to maintain a youthful appearance, they … Read More >

September-27-2016 by Kelly

Tips for Fall and Skin Care Awareness Month

fall skin care tips

Fall skin care regimens are different than what to use during summer months.  September is Skin Care Awareness Month. What does that mean?  It is a month to focus on learning about new tips and tricks in skin care.   Here are daily reminders and tips to help increase your knowledge on skin care and transitioning from summer to fall months. … Read More >

September-13-2016 by Kelly

How Diet Affects Acne

acne treatment

When it comes to the search for an effective acne treatment, there is no one size fits all treatment.  A treatment that might work well for one person may not work well for another.  This is because just as the outbreak of acne can differ from person to person by severity and outbreak location, treatments can be designed to work … Read More >

August-18-2016 by Kelly

A better solution to stretch marks? Try the Power of Peptides!

Stretch Mark

Stretch marks can be trouble some and leave clients searching for a remedy.  Our advice is to try a stretch mark cream with peptides. Many people know in general what peptides are, but can you explain them to clients in terms they can understand? Peptides are chains of two or more amino acids. Naturally occurring in the body and vital … Read More >

February-24-2016 by Kelly