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Do you BENTO?


A bento box is a packed lunch box with compartments.  The idea comes from Japan where they have been using bento for a very long time for lunches.  We have jumped on the bandwagon for bringing bento lunches to work.  We were getting bored with lunch and spending more than we would like to to eat out every day.  With all the great options of containers with sections, it has become a topic of conversation each morning as to what is in our bento today.

Why do we like bento boxes?

  • We tend to eat more leftovers if they are repackaged – we don’t know why.
  • Items are portioned out and we think we are eating less.
  • We tend to focus more on variety – a section for protein, fruit, vegetable, etc.
  • We grab a bottle of water with our food – it just tastes better.
  • Eating less desserts –if we don’t pack them, we aren’t eating them.
  • Our bento boxes are colorful and easy to carry in and stack in fridge.
  • We know who’s is who so there is less refrigerator surfing.

Need ideas? Here are a few easy suggestions to put in bento boxes:

Main or larger compartments: salad, sandwich, leftovers, pasta salad, pita bread, stew, casserole, slice of pizza, rice dish, chicken

Side of smaller compartments: carrots, celery, sliced pepper, cucumber, hummus, ranch, peanut butter, berries, sliced fruit

Bento compartment options or a few of our tried and true favorites:

Easy Lunchboxes
Rubbermaid Lunch Blox

Here are silicone baking cups to help segment smaller items in larger areas.

Happy lunching!