Gym Germs – Tips for Clearer Skin at the Gym

Here are some healthy tips for your skin to avoid gym germs while at the gym.

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Make-up:  As a general rule, wearing makeup at the gym is not advisable because your pores open when your body temperature rises. You wouldn’t want bacteria to seep in and cause breakouts.  However, if you insist on glamming up, try waterproof mascara- it can really open up your eyes and won’t interfere with your skin either. Your face will look luminous on its own while you exercise due to the increase of blood circulation.

For those who prefer going to the gym at night, after work or school- try bringing makeup wipes with you so you can remove at least the top layer of your makeup.  Be sure to shower and wash your face shortly after your session.  We recommend Apothederm® Brightening Cleanser for your face as it not only helps to loosen dead skin cells but also contains Vitamins C & E protecting skin from free radical damage.

Skin Care: To help prevent acne and back acne, put your hair up into a high ponytail or bun to keep it away from your face, shoulder and back.  If you have short hair, there are plenty of really cute headbands and clips to keep those strands in place. Opt for ear buds instead of earphones when possible. Sweat from earphones can lead to unexpected breakouts and possible skin infection.  To help eliminate breakouts use an effective acne product such as Apothederm® Acne Clarifying Treatment which helps to reduce pore size and sebum build up keeping your skin hydrated and clear.

Equipment:  The gym can be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria and the last thing you want is to contract athlete’s foot or get a staph infection.  To help you stay healthy and germ-free, always remember to bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle.  If showering at the gym, always wear flip-flops, use your own soap and never go barefoot.  That station in the corner with the paper towels and disinfectant spray is not just for employees, be sure to use it to wipe down any and all machines before use.

Feet: If you are a runner, it’s important to always keep your toenails clipped short to prevent various unglamorous injuries. Remember since you are going to be sweating, make sure you wash your feet when you get home and hydrate them with anti-fungal moisturizers to prevent infections.

Enjoy your time at the gym, it is a stress reliever and a great cardiovascular activity without running into gym germs.

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