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Hydrating Eye Cream Review

When it comes to eye cream, it’s easy to go wrong. I have found myself canceling an evening out because that expensive name brand eye cream made the skin around my eyes peel off. It was no fun. Thankfully, I have stumbled upon an eye cream that is incredibly gentle, moisturizing and effective. Apothederm is a brand that is known for their gentle products and this eye cream is no exception.

The Apothederm Hydrating Eye Cream feels like drinking a huge glass of water, but for your eyes. It’s not oily or cakey, it doesn’t pull or tingle. It is hydrating, smoothing and light enough to wear under makeup without making your concealer run down you face by noon. It minimizes puffiness and dark circles.

It’s an all around fantastic product that covers all the bases. It’s $40 for .5 oz (at, not a bad price considering your daily usage (morning and night combined) is less than the size of a pea. Really! This stuff goes a long way! I have actually saved money because I am applying my concealer less often because this eye cream doesn’t cause it to run off a greasy under eye area.

I have retired all my other creams and have stuck with the Apothederm Hydrating Eye Cream. After about a month of using this, my dark circles are definitely less noticeable and so are my growing wrinkles! Love. Try it, you will see results too!



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