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Sleep Habits that are Wrinkling your Skin

Everyone knows that sleep is a time of regeneration, repair and renewal. Indeed, it is this fact that is the inspiration for the concept of getting one’s “beauty sleep.” However, did you know that there are sleep habits that you may have that are actually harmful to your skin? At Apothederm, we believe that in addition to using our age defying products, people who are concerned with combating wrinkles should also rid themselves of the following habits that may be rendering this time of repair and renewal ineffective.

  • Leaving on your makeup Part of your nightly ritual should include removing your makeup before you retire. Makeup traps the oils, environmental pollutants, and harmful free radicals that have accumulated on your skin after a long day’s work. Additionally, failing to remove your makeup before going to bed can cause breakouts to occur and can also speed up the skin’s aging process.
  • Not getting enough sleep – A 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 40% of all Americans get less than seven hours of sleep (6.8) each night. (This is less than the recommended amount of roughly 8 hours or more.) Your skin needs this critical time in order to make new collagen, improve circulation, and to reduce under-eye puffiness. Experts say that you should sleep in a dark, quiet room free of noises and distractions.
  • Poor sleep positioning – Experts recommend that you sleep on your back in order to reduce “sleep wrinkles.” Sleeping on your back prevents your face from becoming compressed against the bed and pillow causing wrinkles. It is also recommended that you use a memory foam pillow as it helps keep your head upright.
  • Not applying skincare products before bed – Anti-aging products are specially formulated to help support the body’s rejuvenation process. The ideal time to apply these products is after you’ve removed your makeup and right before retiring for the night.
  • Not putting up your hair – Your hair’s natural oils – and the products you put in it – can irritate your skin as your sleep. Set your hair in a loose ponytail or bun before going to bed.

Of course in order further fight back against the signs of aging skin, we recommend our anti-aging neck cream and other products. Our eye cream anti-aging products can help mitigate the damage caused to that sensitive area of the face as well.

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