fall skin care tips

Fall Skin Care Tips

Some of us are about to make a very common mistake without even knowing it. Some of us are about to neglect to change our skin care regimen to fit the current fall season. While we automatically change our attire from bright, summer wear to dark, warm fall outfits, many of us don’t give much thought as to how we should also change the way we protect and nourish our skin. Why is it necessary to have a different skin care regimen in fall and winter than in spring and summer? For one thing, the air is dryer in fall

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Peptides and the Battle against Aging Skin

From Cleopatra’s use of sour milk baths to exfoliate her skin to the use of sheep placenta by the Ancient Chinese as an old age treatment, mankind has long waged a war against the ravages of time on the human body. But while these ancient societies and icons had an abundance of creative ways to maintain a youthful appearance, they lacked our modern day knowledge of science and biology. One of the most promising developments in the area of anti-aging treatments is the use of peptides. But what are peptides and how do they help in nourishing, revitalizing and firming

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