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Tips for Fall and Skin Care Awareness Month

national-skin-care-awareness-monthFall skin care regimens are different than what to use during summer months. 

September is Skin Care Awareness Month. What does that mean?  It is a month to focus on learning about new tips and tricks in skin care.   Here are daily reminders and tips to help increase your knowledge on skin care and transitioning from summer to fall months.

Be gentle with temperature. Always wash face with lukewarm water.  Hot water can dry out your skin and wash away essential oils that keep skin hydrated.  Cold water can lead to irritation and sometimes put capillaries at risk for damage.

Sometimes you need a boost.  The sun may be fun but can leave its mark on your skin with dark spots or freckling even will diligent sunscreen applications.  To help with post summer skin, try a brightening product in the fall to help lighten dark spots from over exposure to sun and past acne.  The acids in a brightener can help gently exfoliate skin and help to lighten the area over time.

Zap it before you see it.  It is a myth that blemishes improve with more time spent in the sun.  In many cases, skin can breakout more from the sun and the color change, tan or burn, from the sun causes the acne to not appear as obvious but it it still here.  Have a spot treatment available for emergency breakouts.  Always remember to not pick at blemishes and avoid touching them throughout the day.

Buff away dry skin.  Dead skin cells can cause skin to appear lackluster and dull.  Rough dry skin needs to be exfoliated so that it is soft and smooth. To add vibrance back to your skin, try exfoliating regularly.  We recommend exfoliating two to three times per week.  Use different exfoliating products for your face and body.  Products are designed differently for your body and your face by using ingredients specified for that area.  Be wary of products that say they can be used all over your body.

Give your skin a drink.  As temperatures drop and the wind picks up for fall weather, skin can become dehydrated and need hydration.  Change your lighter moisturizer from the summer to a slightly heavier lotion or cream for fall.  As winter approaches, your skin may need more hydration and you would change at that time as well to a heavier cream or as your skin requires it.

Sun exposure causes wrinkles.  Skin sags and wrinkles form as we age and some of this is a direct result of UVA exposure causing collagen to deplete in the skin.  Fight back with serums that can provide essential ingredients to your skin to help firm and protect the skin from future aging.  Many serums include a cocktail list of ingredients that include antioxidants, botanicals and peptides.  Consider what you are looking to solve before buying one.  Are you looking for firmer skin, brightening, added hydration or something else? Review the products’ before and afters and read reviews to make sure that the products is providing the results that it if offering.

Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen all year round.  It is essential to wear sun protection every day during the year.  Get in the habit now so your skin will thank you later.

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  1. Yes love that sunscreen is on the list for fall and throughout the year. Sun protection is so important to keeping skin healthy as UV rays from the sun are a leading cause of skin damage and skin aging. UV rays are present year-round – even on cloudy days. In fact according to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – “even on an overcast day, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can get through the clouds. Stay in the shade as much as possible throughout the day.” Thanks for sharing this article.

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