Tips for Setting Goals and Changing Habits

Tips for Setting Goals and Changing Habits

The sun is peeking out behind the clouds here in the northwest, so we are starting to come out from under our umbrellas.  When the sun shines, we tend to start thinking “summer” even if it is 60 degrees outside.  With summer, comes more fitting clothes and peeling away the rain jackets and jeans from the last several months.

At the office, we have taken a turn towards changing bad habit to be more healthy.  Each of us in our own way has taken on a challenge towards a healthier self.  Whether it is losing weight, getting toned, reaching a certain number of steps or changing eating habits, we are all on some sort of path this spring.

Tips for changing habits and setting goals.

  1. Figure out what your goals are. It could be reaching a certain amount of steps per day or not eating one time of food.  Whatever it is decide exactly what it is that you are hoping to accomplish.
  2. Set a time line. Determine your start date and when you will check in to keep the momentum up.
  3. Goal prep. It might be meal prep or just preparing to start your first day of trying something new.  Plan ahead and get your items ready whether it is a snack or bringing your gym shoes to work.
  4. Start your first day with a positive outlook. You can do this and you will succeed if you are patient and staying the course. There are bumps in the road but you have to get over them and keep moving towards your goals.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself. Sometime our worst friend is ourselves.  Be supportive of yourself and patient.  It takes time and sometime there will be “slip-ups” but every day is a new day. Keep one foot in front of the other.
  6. Have fun! Try to see the “greener” side of the path.  Be proud of yourself and where you are going.  Change is hard.  Change can be challenging but change can be done.

Good luck and share below some of your habits or goals for this season.

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